The Big Picture

In all controversies, there are at least two sides. In legal controversies there are only two sides. By learning, researching, and representing both sides of a legal case, Mock Trial team members learn to think critically and quickly, and effectively plead their side of the case with witness testimony, strategic questioning, evidence, and argumentation.

Mock Trial team members act as attorneys and witnesses, learning and practicing all parts of a trial, including its opening and closing arguments, direct questioning, evidence submission, giving credible testimony as expert and lay witnesses, cross-examination, relevant case law and more. In short, Mock Trial provides opportunities to effectively practice courtroom procedure, public speaking, acting,and legal argumentation.

One of the best things about getting involved in Mock Trial is that you don’t need any prior experience to join the fun! Mock Trial is open to everyone. We work together to develop and perfect our attorney and witness skills by practicing together and competing together at tournaments.

About the cases

Mock Trial cases alternate between civil and criminal and are determined yearly by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA). The AMTA-authored case forms the basis for the year’s competition. The Mock Trial team works with the case and participates in invitational tournaments throughout the Northeast prior to competing in the AMTA Regional competition in early spring.

The Colgate Classic

The Mock Trial team also hosts the annual Colgate Classic Mock Trial Tournament. The Colgate Classic routinely attracts teams from colleges and universities from the East and Northeast.

mock trial

Join here: Get Involved!

Contact: MartinPage ’17 Mock Trial Co-President

 ContactColgate Speaking Union for information about other clubs involved in extracurricular competitive speaking activities.


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